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Club Champions 2017 - 18 - Cardiff IBC 






Swansea v Heatherton


Cardiff v Llanelli


Blaenau Gwent v Merthyr Tydfil


Cynon Valley v Islwyn


Pontardawe v Port Talbot


Earlswood v Dinefwr


Bro Myrddin v Pembroke


Newport v Taff Ely


Rhondda v Sully


Severn Valley v Bro Ddyfi


Ffrith v Flint



SAT 13th OCT

Heatherton v Islwyn


Merthyr Tydfil v Cynon Valley


Cardiff v Blaenau Gwent


Swansea v Llanelli


Radnor v Ogwr



SAT 20th OCT

Llanelli v Heatherton


Blaenau Gwent v Swansea


Cynon Valley v Cardiff


Islwyn v Merthyr Tydfil


Dinefwr v Pembroke


Port Talbot v Bro Myrddin


Earlswood v Pontardawe


Sully v Newport


Rhondda v Ogwr


Taff Ely v Radnor


Bro Ddyfi v Flint


Severn Valley v Ffrith



SAT 27th OCT

Heatherton v Merthyr Tydfil


Cardiff v Islwyn


Swansea v Cynon Valley


Llanelli v Blaenau Gwent


Pontardawe v Bro Myrddin


Pembroke v Earlswood


Port Talbot v Dinefwr


Sully v Ogwr


Radnor v Newport


Taff Ely v Rhondda




Blaenau Gwent v Heatherton


Cynon Valley v Llanelli


Islwyn v Swansea


Merthyr Tydfil v Cardiff


Ffrith v Bro Ddyfi


Flint v Severn Valley





SAT 10th NOV

Heatherton v Cardiff


Swansea v Merthyr Tydfil


Llanelli v Islwyn


Blaenau Gwent v Cynon Valley


Bro Myrddin v Earlswood


Pembroke v Port Talbot


Dinefwr v Pontardawe


Radnor v Sully


Ogwr v Taff Ely


Newport v Rhondda


Bro Ddyfi v Ffrith


Severn Valley v Flint



SAT 17th NOV

Cynon Valley v Heatherton


Islwyn v Blaenau Gwent


Merthyr Tydfil v Llanelli


Cardiff v Swansea


Earlswood v Port Talbot


Pontardawe v Pembroke


 Dinefwr v Bro Myrddin


Taff Ely v Sully


Rhondda v Radnor


Newport v Ogwr



SAT 24th NOV

Heatherton v Cynon Valley


Blaenau Gwent v Islwyn


Llanelli v Merthyr Tydfil


Swansea v Cardiff


Port Talbot v Pontardawe


Dinefwr v Earlswood


Pembroke v Bro Myrddin


Sully v Rhondda


Taff Ely v Newport


Ogwr v Radnor




Cardiff v Heatherton


Merthyr Tydfil v Swansea


Islwyn v Llanelli


Cynon Valley v Blaenau Gwent


Pembroke v Dinefwr


Bro Myrddin v Port Talbot


Pontardawe v Earlswood


Newport v Sully


Ogwr v Rhondda


Radnor v Taff Ely



SAT 15th DEC

Heatherton v Blaenau Gwent


Llanelli v Cynon Valley


Swansea v Islwyn


Cardiff v Merthyr Tydfil


Bro Myrddin v Pontardawe


Earlswood v Pembroke


Dinefwr v Port Talbot


Ogwr v Sully


Newport v Radnor


Rhondda v Taff Ely




SAT 12th JAN

Merthyr Tydfil v Heatherton


Islwyn v Cardiff


Cynon Valley v Swansea


Blaenau Gwent v Llanelli


Earlswood v Bro Myrddin


Port Talbot v Pembroke


Pontardawe v Dinefwr


Sully v Radnor


Taff Ely v Ogwr


Rhondda v Newport


Flint v Bro Ddyfi


Ffrith v Severn Valley



SAT 26th JAN


Heatherton v Llanelli


Swansea v Blaenau Gwent


Cardiff v Cynon Valley


Merthyr Tydfil v Islwyn


Pembroke v Pontardawe


 Bro Myrddin v Dinefwr


Port Talbot v Earlswood


Sully v Taff Ely


Radnor v Rhondda


Ogwr v Newport


Bro Ddyfi v Severn Valley


Flint v Ffrith






Islwyn v Heatherton


Cynon Valley v Merthyr Tydfil


Blaenau Gwent v Cardiff


Llanelli v Swansea





SAT 23rd FEB

Heatherton v Swansea


Llanelli v Cardiff


Merthyr Tydfil v Blaenau Gwent


Islwyn v Cynon Valley


West v East

Clubs may re-arrange date with the agreement of the opposing Club AND League Secretary only.

ict clubs games must be complete BEFORE Promotion playoffs and eligible clubs must be able to compete in Promotion plays offs on the

dates set on 3 home 3 away basis.


Cardiff  v  Islwyn


Cynon Valley  v  Heatherton


Llanelli  v  Blaenau Gwent


Swansea  v  Radnor


Pembroke  v  Port Talbot


Bro Myrddin  v  Earlswood


Pontardawe  v  Dinefwr


Newport  v  Taff Ely


Ogwr  v  Sully


Rhondda  v  Merthyr Tydfil


Bro Ddyfi  v  Severn Valley


Flint v Ffrith



SAT 14th OCT

Blaenau Gwent  v  Cynon Valley


Heatherton  v  Llanelli


Swansea  v  Cardiff


Radnor  v  Islwyn



SAT 21st OCT

Llanelli  v  Swansea


Radnor  v  Blaenau Gwent


Cardiff  v  Heatherton


Islwyn  v  Cynon Valley


Earlswood  v  Dinefwr


Port Talbot  v  Pontardawe


Bro Myrddin  v  Pembroke


Sully  v  Merthyr Tydfil


Taff Ely  v  Rhondda


Ogwr  v  Newport


Ffrth  v  Bro Ddyfi


Severn Valley  v  Flint



SAT 28th OCT

Cynon Valley  v  Cardiff


Islwyn  v  Heatherton


Llanelli  v  Radnor


Swansea  v  Blaenau Gwent


Pembroke  v  Pontardawe


Dinefwr  v  Bro Myrddin


Port Talbot  v  Earlswood


Newport  v  Rhondda


Merthyr Tydfil  v  Ogwr


Taff Ely  v  Sully








Heatherton  v  Radnor


Islwyn  v  Swansea


Cynon Valley  v  Llanelli


Blaenau Gwent  v  Cardiff



SAT 11th NOV

Radnor  v  Cardiff


Heatherton  v  Blaenau Gwent


Llanelli  v  Islwyn


Swansea  v  Cynon Valley


Pontardawe  v  Bro Myrddin


Dinefwr  v  Port Talbot


Earlswood  v  Pembroke


Rhondda  v  Ogwr


Merthyr Tydfil  v  Taff Ely


Sully  v  Newport


Flint  v  Bro Ddyfi


Ffrith  v  Severn Valley



SAT 18th NOV

Cardiff  v  Llanelli


Swansea  v  Heatherton


Blaenau Gwent  v  Islwyn


Bro Myrddin  v  Port Talbot


Pembroke  v  Dinefwr


Pontardawe  v  Earlswood


Ogwr  v  Taff Ely


Newport  v  Merthyr Tydfil


Rhondda  v  Sully


Severn Valley  v  Bro Ddyfi


Ffrith  v  Flint



SAT 25th NOV

Islwyn  v  Cardiff


Heatherton  v  Cynon Valley


Blaenau Gwent  v  Llanelli


Radnor  v  Swansea


Port Talbot  v  Pembroke


Earlswood  v  Bro Myrddin


Dinefwr  v  Pontardawe


Taff Ely  v  Newport


Sully  v  Ogwr


Merthyr Tydfil  v  Rhondda


Bro Ddyfi  v  Ffrith


Flint  v  Severn Valley














Cynon Valley  v  Blaenau Gwent


Llanelli  v  Heatherton


Cardiff  v  Swansea


Islwyn  v  Radnor


Dinefwr  v  Earlswood


Pontardawe  v  Port Talbot


Pembroke  v  Bro Myrddin


Merthyr Tydfil  v  Sully


Rhondda  v  Taff Ely


Newport  v  Ogwr


Bro Ddyfi  v  Ffrith



SAT 16th DEC

Swansea  v  Llanelli


Blaenau Gwent  v  Radnor


Heatherton  v  Cardiff


Cynon Valley  v  Islwyn


Pontardawe  v  Pembroke


Bro Myrddin  v  Dinefwr


Earlswood  v  Port Talbot


Rhondda  v  Newport


Ogwr  v  Merthyr Tydfil


Sully  v  Taff Ely





SAT 13th JAN

Cardiff  v  Cynon Valley


Heatherton  v  Islwyn


Radnor  v  Llanelli


Blaenau Gwent  v  Swansea


Bro Myrddin  v  Pontardawe


Port Talbot  v  Dinefwr


Pembroke  v  Earlswood


Ogwr  v  Rhondda


Taff Ely  v  Merthyr Tydfil


Newport  v  Sully


Bro Ddyfi  v  Flint


Severn Valley  v  Ffrith



SAT 27th JAN

Radnor  v  Heatherton


Swansea  v  Islwyn


Llanelli  v  Cynon Valley


Cardiff  v  Blaenau Gwent


Port Talbot  v  Bro Myrddin


Dinefwr  v  Pembroke


Earlswood  v  Pontardawe


Taff Ely  v  Ogwr


Merthyr Tydfil  v  Newport


Sully  v  Rhondda

SAT 10th FEB

Cardiff  v  Radnor


Blaenau Gwent  v  Heatherton


Islwyn  v  Llanelli


Cynon Valley  v  Swansea



SAT 17th FEB

Cynon Valley  v  Radnor





SAT 24th FEB

Llanelli  v  Cardiff


Radnor  v  Cynon Valley


Heatherton  v  Swansea


Islwyn  v  Blaenau Gwent





SAT 10th MAR