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Club Champions 2018 - 19 - Cardiff IBC 






Sat 5th Oct

Port Talbot v Swansea


Merthyr Tydfil v Blaenau Gwent


Llanelli v Cynon Valley



Sat 12th Oct

Blaenau Gwent v Cynon Valley


Islwyn v Merthyr Tydfil


Cardiff v Port Talbot


Swansea v Llanelli


Pontardawe v Heatherton


Pembroke v Earlswood


Dinefwr v Bro Myrddin


Sully v Newport


Taff Ely v Rhondda

Ffrith v Severn Valley


Flint v Bro Ddyfi



Sat 19th Oct

Cynon Valley v Llanelli


Merthyr Tydfil v Cardiff


Blaenau Gwent v Islwyn


Pontardawe v Bro Myrddin


Earlswood v Dinefwr


Heatherton v Pembroke


Sully v Taff Ely 


Severn Valley v Bro Ddyfi


Ffrith v Flint


Sat 26th Oct

Islwyn v Cynon Valley


Cardiff v Blaenau Gwent


Swansea v Merthyr Tydfil


Llanelli v Port Talbot


Pembroke v Pontardawe


Dinefwr v Heatherton


Bro Myrddin v Earlswood


Taff Ely v Newport


Radnor v Sully



Sat 2nd Nov

Cynon Valley v Port Talbot


Merthyr Tydfil v Llanelli


Blaenau Gwent v Swansea


Cardiff v Islwyn


Earlswood v Heatherton


Flint v Severn Valley


Bro Ddyfi v Ffrith



Sat 9th Nov

Cardiff v Cynon Valley


Swansea v Islwyn


Llanelli v Blaenau Gwent


Port Talbot v Merthyr Tydfil


Pontardawe v Earlswood


Heatherton v Bro Myrddin


Pembroke v Dinefwr


Newport v Rhondda


Taff Ely v Radnor


Severn Valley v Flint


Ffrith v Bro Ddyfi



Sat 16th Nov

Cynon Valley v Merthyr Tydfil


Blaenau Gwent v Port Talbot


Islwyn v Llanelli


Cardiff v Swansea


Dinefwr v Pontardawe


Bro Myrddin v Pembroke


Radnor v Newport


Rhondda v Sully


Bro Ddyfi v Severn Valley


Flint v Ffrith



Sat 23rd Nov

Swansea v Cynon Valley


Llanelli v Cardiff


Port Talbot v Islwyn


Pontardawe v Dinefwr


Pembroke v Bro Myrddin


Heatherton v Earlswood


Newport v Radnor


Sully v Rhondda


Severn Valley v Ffrith


Bro Ddyfi v Flint



Sat 30th Nov

Cynon Valley v Blaenau Gwent


Merthyr Tydfil v Islwyn


Port Talbot v Cardiff


Llanelli v Swansea


Earlswood v Pontardawe


Bro Myrddin v Heatherton


Dinefwr v Pembroke


Rhondda v Newport


Radnor v Taff Ely



Sat 14th Dec

Swansea v Port Talbot


Cardiff v Merthyr Tydfil


Islwyn v Blaenau Gwent


Pontardawe v Pembroke


Heatherton v Dinefwr


Earlswood v Bro Myrddin


Newport v Taff Ely


Sully v Radnor





Sat 11th Jan

Cynon Valley v Islwyn


Blaenau Gwent v Cardiff


Merthyr Tydfil v Swansea


Port Talbot v Llanelli


Bro Myrddin v Pontardawe


Dinefwr v Earlswood


Pembroke v Heatherton


 Radnor v Rhondda


Taff Ely v Sully

Sat 18th Jan


 Rhondda v Radnor

Sat 25th Jan

Port Talbot v Cynon Valley


Llanelli v Merthyr Tydfil


Swansea v Blaenau Gwent


Islwyn v Cardiff


 Heatherton v Pontardawe


Earlswood v Pembroke


Bro Myrddin v Dinefwr


Newport v Sully


Rhondda v Taff Ely



Sat 22nd Feb

Cynon Valley v Cardiff


Islwyn v Swansea


Blaenau Gwent v Llanelli


Merthyr Tydfil v Port Talbot



Sat 29th Feb

Merthyr Tydfil v Cynon Valley


Port Talbot v Blaenau Gwent


Llanelli v Islwyn


Swansea v Cardiff



Sat 7th Mar

Cynon Valley v Swansea


Cardiff v Llanelli


Islwyn v Port Talbot


Blaenau Gwent v Merthyr Tydfil

District clubs games must be complete BEFORE Promotion playoffs and eligible clubs must be able to compete in Promotion plays offs on the

date set.


Cardiff  v  Islwyn


Cynon Valley  v  Heatherton


Llanelli  v  Blaenau Gwent


Swansea  v  Radnor


Pembroke  v  Port Talbot


Bro Myrddin  v  Earlswood


Pontardawe  v  Dinefwr


Newport  v  Taff Ely


Ogwr  v  Sully


Rhondda  v  Merthyr Tydfil


Bro Ddyfi  v  Severn Valley


Flint v Ffrith



SAT 14th OCT

Blaenau Gwent  v  Cynon Valley


Heatherton  v  Llanelli


Swansea  v  Cardiff


Radnor  v  Islwyn



SAT 21st OCT

Llanelli  v  Swansea


Radnor  v  Blaenau Gwent


Cardiff  v  Heatherton


Islwyn  v  Cynon Valley


Earlswood  v  Dinefwr


Port Talbot  v  Pontardawe


Bro Myrddin  v  Pembroke


Sully  v  Merthyr Tydfil


Taff Ely  v  Rhondda


Ogwr  v  Newport


Ffrth  v  Bro Ddyfi


Severn Valley  v  Flint



SAT 28th OCT

Cynon Valley  v  Cardiff


Islwyn  v  Heatherton


Llanelli  v  Radnor


Swansea  v  Blaenau Gwent


Pembroke  v  Pontardawe


Dinefwr  v  Bro Myrddin


Port Talbot  v  Earlswood


Newport  v  Rhondda


Merthyr Tydfil  v  Ogwr


Taff Ely  v  Sully








Heatherton  v  Radnor


Islwyn  v  Swansea


Cynon Valley  v  Llanelli


Blaenau Gwent  v  Cardiff



SAT 11th NOV

Radnor  v  Cardiff


Heatherton  v  Blaenau Gwent


Llanelli  v  Islwyn


Swansea  v  Cynon Valley


Pontardawe  v  Bro Myrddin


Dinefwr  v  Port Talbot


Earlswood  v  Pembroke


Rhondda  v  Ogwr


Merthyr Tydfil  v  Taff Ely


Sully  v  Newport


Flint  v  Bro Ddyfi


Ffrith  v  Severn Valley



SAT 18th NOV

Cardiff  v  Llanelli


Swansea  v  Heatherton


Blaenau Gwent  v  Islwyn


Bro Myrddin  v  Port Talbot


Pembroke  v  Dinefwr


Pontardawe  v  Earlswood


Ogwr  v  Taff Ely


Newport  v  Merthyr Tydfil


Rhondda  v  Sully


Severn Valley  v  Bro Ddyfi


Ffrith  v  Flint



SAT 25th NOV

Islwyn  v  Cardiff


Heatherton  v  Cynon Valley


Blaenau Gwent  v  Llanelli


Radnor  v  Swansea


Port Talbot  v  Pembroke


Earlswood  v  Bro Myrddin


Dinefwr  v  Pontardawe


Taff Ely  v  Newport


Sully  v  Ogwr


Merthyr Tydfil  v  Rhondda


Bro Ddyfi  v  Ffrith


Flint  v  Severn Valley














Cynon Valley  v  Blaenau Gwent


Llanelli  v  Heatherton


Cardiff  v  Swansea


Islwyn  v  Radnor


Dinefwr  v  Earlswood


Pontardawe  v  Port Talbot


Pembroke  v  Bro Myrddin


Merthyr Tydfil  v  Sully


Rhondda  v  Taff Ely


Newport  v  Ogwr


Bro Ddyfi  v  Ffrith



SAT 16th DEC

Swansea  v  Llanelli


Blaenau Gwent  v  Radnor


Heatherton  v  Cardiff


Cynon Valley  v  Islwyn


Pontardawe  v  Pembroke


Bro Myrddin  v  Dinefwr


Earlswood  v  Port Talbot


Rhondda  v  Newport


Ogwr  v  Merthyr Tydfil


Sully  v  Taff Ely





SAT 13th JAN

Cardiff  v  Cynon Valley


Heatherton  v  Islwyn


Radnor  v  Llanelli


Blaenau Gwent  v  Swansea


Bro Myrddin  v  Pontardawe


Port Talbot  v  Dinefwr


Pembroke  v  Earlswood


Ogwr  v  Rhondda


Taff Ely  v  Merthyr Tydfil


Newport  v  Sully


Bro Ddyfi  v  Flint


Severn Valley  v  Ffrith



SAT 27th JAN

Radnor  v  Heatherton


Swansea  v  Islwyn


Llanelli  v  Cynon Valley


Cardiff  v  Blaenau Gwent


Port Talbot  v  Bro Myrddin


Dinefwr  v  Pembroke


Earlswood  v  Pontardawe


Taff Ely  v  Ogwr


Merthyr Tydfil  v  Newport


Sully  v  Rhondda

SAT 10th FEB

Cardiff  v  Radnor


Blaenau Gwent  v  Heatherton


Islwyn  v  Llanelli


Cynon Valley  v  Swansea



SAT 17th FEB

Cynon Valley  v  Radnor





SAT 24th FEB

Llanelli  v  Cardiff


Radnor  v  Cynon Valley


Heatherton  v  Swansea


Islwyn  v  Blaenau Gwent





SAT 10th MAR