Code of Conduct

Players and Officers Code of Conduct


Welsh Indoor Bowls (WIB) recognises the contribution made by voluntary Officers and Committee Members to the organisation. The purpose of this Code is to maintain high standards of conduct, assist Officers/Committee Members in their voluntary roles and to protect the best interests of WIB.  Conduct within WIB is driven by our core values: 

Selflessness. Honesty. Integrity & Propriety. Lawfulness. Stewardship. Objectivity in decision making. Equality & Respect. Openness & Transparency. Accountability. Leadership. 

This Code of Conduct is specifically for Officers and Committee Members and is part of WIB’s overall set of codes as follows: 

Officers and Committee Members should hold their position primarily for their knowledge, skills set and experience and their ability to actively contribute to the running of WIB. 


As an Officer/Committee Member I will: 

  • Promote and embed our values, aims and policies. 

  • Act only in the interests of WIB and not on behalf of any other interest group. 

  • Help establish and maintain robust and comprehensive governance processes and regulations that are regularly reviewed (including a comprehensive list of Officer/Committee Member delegated authorities). 

  • Actively contribute to the effective work of Committees by: 

  1. Thorough preparation and reading all papers which have been circulated prior to the meetings. 

  1. Regular attendance, participation and contribution at meetings including constructive challenge. 

  1. Ensuring timely response to agreed actions, requests for information and guidance from fellow Officers/Committee Members. 

  1. Attending the Annual General Meeting and any other Meetings as well as designated events as and when required. 

  1. Deal with issues of clarification “offline” before Officers and or Committee Meetings if it relates to an agenda item and maintain a sharp focus on agenda items in meetings, to ensure meetings run to time and that time is utilised to best effect. 

  • attend meetings of Committees and Sub Committees which I either Chair or sit in membership. 

reach decisions by consensus. 

  • attend relevant training courses and take reasonable steps to ensure that I am aware of the development of public policy and other issues which may affect my role and the work of WIB. 

It is vital that Officers and Committee Members: 

  • listen to and respect the views of others. 

  • seek positive and constructive resolutions to those issues where differences in opinion exist and, where a vote is taken, accept the decision of the majority. 

  • respect the office of the Chair of the meeting, to ensure the orderly conduct of meetings. 

  • observe the highest ethical standards of impartiality, integrity and objectivity in relation to the stewardship of funds and the management of WIB.   

  • act in a way considered to be in good faith that would be most likely to promote the success of WIB for the benefit of its members as a whole. 

  • maximise value for money through ensuring that services are delivered in the most economical, efficient and effective way, within available resources. 

  • maintain focus on the strategic development of WIB through planning, prioritising, performance monitoring and evaluation. 

  • support fellow Officers/Committee Members in their leadership of the organisation. 

  • respect the rights, dignity and worth of all people involved in WIB, regardless of gender, race, marital status, colour, disability, sexuality, age, occupation, religion or political opinion. 

  • at all times act as an ambassador and advocate for WIB promoting the organisation’s key messages and always presenting the organisation and its members in a positive light. 

I will not 

  • attempt to exercise individual authority over WIB’s Officers, Members or its volunteers, except as explicitly set forth in Committee Polices or Committee decisions. 

  • consume alcoholic drinks or illegal substances or smoke during meetings. 

  • use offensive or discriminatory language or behaviour. 

  • keep quiet if I have concerns about the organisation. 

  • fail to deliver on my commitments as an Officer or Committee Member. 

  • disagree in public with decisions taken as a group, even if I have a different personal view. 

  • act with bias or prejudice towards others. 

Declarations of Interest 

All Officers and Committee Members are required to: 

  • complete and sign the Declaration of Interests form(s) and comply with WIB’s conflict of interest policy and procedures as amended from time to time. 

  • Ensure that private or personal financial interest never influences decisions. 

  • Ensure that the position as an Officer or Committee Member is not used for personal gain. 

  • Disclose to the Chair any direct or indirect pecuniary or other interests which are not pecuniary, but which could influence judgement or give the impression that the Officers or Committee Members were acting for personal motives. 

  • Note that the Chair of Committee Meetings has the right to request that a person withdraws from any meeting or any part of a meeting when any such conflict of interest exists. 

  • Comply with WIB’s policy for hospitality and gifts. 


Officers/Committee Members should not pass any confidential information gained through their involvement with WIB to a third party without the approval of Chair 

UK Bribery Act 

Officers/Committee Members must be aware of, and comply with, the requirements of the UK Bribery Act 2010 which has two general offences:- 

  • The offering, promising or giving of an advantage, and 

  • The requesting, agreeing to receive or accepting of an advantage. 

Outside Activities 

Officers /Committee Members should consider themselves at all times as being potentially regarded as ambassadors of WIB and should, therefore, ensure that none of their activities has the effect of bringing WIB into disrepute. 


An Officers/Committee Members conduct may be considered to be unsatisfactory when a breach of WIB’s Regulations, this Code, standing orders or legal obligation has occurred. 

In cases where there is concern that the Officers/Committee Members conduct may be considered unsatisfactory, the following procedure will be adopted: 

  • The Chair/President will arrange for an investigation of any allegation of misconduct to be undertaken to establish the facts. 

  • The Chair/President will invite two other Officers or Committee Members to form a Misconduct Panel to consider the facts and to determine what action should be taken; if the complaint concerns the Chair/President then the Vice Chair/Vice President (or other equivalent) will convene the Panel. 

  • The Panel will determine what action should be taken. 

  • The action that is taken will depend upon the seriousness of the misconduct and any previous misconduct. 

In cases of serious misconduct, the Panel will seek a voluntary resignation and if such resignation is not forthcoming, formal procedures will be taken in accordance with WIB’s regulations to remove the Officer/Committee Member. 

An Officer/Committee Member has the right to appeal against any decision made and may make an appeal by writing to the Chair/President within 14 days of being notified of the decision by the Misconduct Panel setting out the grounds on which they are appealing.  

All the Officers (excluding the original Panel members) will hear any such appeal. The Chair may request up to two additional members of WIB with relevant experience, to be co-opted, with voting rights, to the appeal panel if the remaining members of the Officers do not have a quorum. The Chair will decide if the appellant member and or any witnesses will attend the appeal panel. 

An Officer or Committee Member will act as Chair of the appeal panel discussion and the appeal panel’s decision will be final. 

In cases where the Chair feels it is appropriate, he may suspend the relevant Officer/Member from attendance at all meetings while the matter is being investigated. 

Officer’s/Committee Member’s Grievances   

This procedure for individual grievance covers those matters which are specific to the individual in relation to their service as an Officer/Committee Member not to any general grievances. 

If the Chair/President has a grievance with or about another Officer/Committee Member, the matter should be raised directly with the member in question. If no resolution is found, the Chair/President will raise the matter in writing to the Vice Chair/Vice President, who will investigate and determine the appropriate course of action in consultation with the Secretary.  

If an Officer/Committee Member wishes to raise a grievance, they should write to the Chair/President setting out the reasons for the Grievance. 

If the grievance relates to another Officer/Committee Member, the Chair/President should investigate and determine the appropriate course of action. If the grievance relates to the Chair/President, then the Vice Chair/Vice President should receive the grievance in writing, investigate and determine the appropriate course of action. 

If the individual is not satisfied with the reply, which would normally be sent within 7 days of the original grievance, the individual may appeal to the Chair/President or Vice Chair/Vice President if they have been dealing with the grievance, in writing outlining the grounds for the appeal. 

The appeal will be referred to a Grievance Appeals Panel; the composition of this panel will be determined by the Chair/President or Vice Chair/Vice President if the original grievance was concerning the Chair/President, and will comprise three Officers/Committee Members who are not included in any part of the grievance. 

Appeals will normally be heard within 14 days of lodging the appeal. The decision of the panel is final; there is no further appeal under any circumstances. 


I confirm that I have read and understand this Officers/Committee Members Code of Conduct document: - 


Signed: - ……………………………………………………………………… 


 Dated: - ………………………………………………………………………. 


Print Name: - ………………………………………………………………. 









Sporting excellence and enjoyment are only achieved by participants and spectators through adherence to the highest moral, ethical and sporting standards. One of our objectives is to establish a safe, fair and inclusive sporting environment. 


The promotion of respect, good sportsmanship, high standards of behaviour and ethics are fundamental to this objective. Our Codes of Conduct set out the standards and expectations that are applicable to every Player and Connected Participant involved in the delivery of Indoor Bowling under the auspices of WIB. 


The Code of Conduct for Players and Connected Participants is applicable to players involved with Indoor Bowling in Wales.  


Breaches in standards and expectations must always be taken seriously and fairly handled according to open and transparent regulations. The application of sanctions must be consistent, relevant and proportionate. Our Disciplinary Procedures define the regulations under which any breach or alleged breach will be investigated. 


It is the responsibility of all Players and Connected Participants to understand WIBs standards and expectations under the individual Codes of Conducts and to help us ensure that the code is applied to all Indoor Bowling participants in Wales. 




The Code of Conduct is administered by WIB through the offices of its Secretariat. 




WIB expects all its members and players to adhere to the high standards required to play our sport and expects its players to understand its main objective to “promote and foster Indoor Bowling in Wales” in the correct manner. 




Our Code of Conduct requires the highest standards of conduct from everyone involved in Indoor Bowling in Wales to ensure that the behaviour and actions meet the values and standards expected at all times. Everyone must conduct themselves in an honest, fair and transparent manner. 


Our Codes of Conduct are applicable to all aspects of the Sport and are driven by values of Respect, Teamwork, Achievement and Enjoyment. 





I will Respect: 


  • The rules, regulations and requirements of the Sport, including, but not limited to, any competitions in which I participate either directly or indirectly. 

  • The rights, dignity and worth of all people involved in Indoor Bowling, regardless of gender, marital status, race, colour, disability, sexuality, age, occupation, religion or political opinion. 

  • The rights, dignity and worth of Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults and ensure that I am aware of the Safeguarding best practice and guidelines when interacting with them. 

  • Confidentiality and the sensitivities of information I hold on other individuals. 

  • Indoor Bowling and the individual’s reputation and not take any action or make inappropriate comments about a fellow participant, coach, umpire, official or volunteer that will bring the sport, or those associated with delivering the Sport, into disrepute, including making comments on social media. I will respect WIBs guidance and policies on social media. 

  • The position I hold within Indoor Bowling and will always conduct and dress myself in an appropriate manner. 

  • The results of the game and will not attempt to offer or accept, either directly or indirectly, any consideration whatsoever in return for influence by betting or attempting to influence the result or seek to achieve personal gain on a result which I can influence by betting on any match or event where I am participating, either by playing, coaching, umpiring or officiating, through direct or indirect involvement. 

  • The fact that I must not bet, accept, give, or in any way be involved in any inducement or bribe in relation to my own sporting performance or the performance of any teams of which I am a member. 


Indoor Bowling is based on Teamwork, therefore I will: 


  • Not abuse or misuse any relationship of trust or position of power or influence held by me in any team. 

  • Be on time, dressed appropriately and ready to give my full attention to the role I am carrying out within Indoor Bowling in Wales. 

  • Recognise that individuals bring different qualities and attributes but “together we will excel”. 

  • Welcome new members and volunteers and co-operate with members, connected participants, colleagues, coaches, umpires, officials and administrators already in the Sport. 


I recognise individuals participate in Indoor Bowling to achieve and for enjoyment, therefore I will: 


  • Recognise the achievements of others and applaud their successes. 

  • Endeavour to ensure that all involved in the Sport optimise their potential by promoting the positive aspects of the sport and never condoning the use of inappropriate or abusive language, inappropriate relationships, bullying, harassment, discrimination or physical violence. 

  • Not impinge on others enjoyment of the Sport, or my performance, by consuming alcoholic drinks or smoking while participating in the sport, or while safeguarding children, young people or vulnerable adults. 

  • Ensure that everyone can participate in a fair and honest environment by rejecting cheating, abiding by the Anti-Doping polices and not taking illegal substances immediately prior to or while participating in the Sport. 

  • Display modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat; be sporting – whether I win or lose; always acknowledge the other team and the umpires at the end of the game. 

  • Never argue with an official or participant during a game and listen to and co-operate with officials’ decisions. 

  • Control my temper; I understand that verbal, emotional and physical abuse of officials, coaches, umpires, spectators or participants, or deliberately distracting or provoking a participant, coach, umpire or official is not acceptable or permitted behaviour in Indoor Bowling. 

  • Enjoy the game and ensure others can also enjoy it. 


I will endeavour to abide by this Code of Conduct and promote it to others. I understand that, if I fail to follow the code, WIB may act against me under the Disciplinary Regulations which may result in Sanctions including suspension and losing playing privileges. 




The full WIB’s Codes of Conduct and Regulations appear on the WIB’s Website and are printed in the WIB’s Handbook and contain the following specific issues and documents. 


  • Welsh Indoor Bowls – Alcohol Awareness Statement. 

  • Welsh Indoor Bowls – Use of Banned Substances Statement. 

  • Welsh Indoor Bowls – Social Media Policy Statement. 

  • Welsh Indoor Bowls - Child Safeguarding & Vulnerable Adults Statement 

  • Welsh Indoor Bowls – Conditions for International Selection 

  • Welsh Indoor Bowls – Conditions for Playing in Invitational Tournaments. 

  • Welsh Indoor Bowls – Code of Conduct for International Competition 

  • Welsh Indoor Bowls – Disciplinary & Appeals Procedure. 


WIB expects the best possible standards of performance and conduct from all its member clubs and participants. 






The consumption of alcohol is not deemed as necessary at any point during a WIB’s event or an event in which WIB is represented. 


No alcohol will be consumed during play at International events in which WIB is participating and the consumption of alcohol during play at National Finals events in Wales is strongly discouraged. 


Rules on the consumption of alcohol prior to and after the completion of play each day at an International event will be agreed with the Director of Bowls/Team Manager in the first instance. Players will be issued with a directive prior to each event by the Director of Bowls/Team Manager. 


Any player found consuming alcohol or under the influence of alcohol and not able to uphold their status as a representative of  WIB at any event shall be removed from the team with immediate effect and an additional penalty will be considered unless extenuating circumstances are accepted by  WIB through a process of Appeal. 


WIB expects all players to understand their limitations with alcohol in their system and expects players to have respect for their position and not let alcohol cause them to drop their standard of behaviour, maturity or performance. 


By signing this Code of Conduct I agree to the following- 

a). Not to drink alcohol during an International event. 

b). Abide by the directive given by the Director of Bowls/Team Manager in relation to drinking alcohol prior to and after the completion of play each day.  





The World Indoor Bowls Council prohibits the use of banned substances or methods of doping and are governed by the Rules & Regulations of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).  WIB is also required to comply with these Rules & Regulations, and in no circumstances will the use of banned substances or methods of doping be tolerated. All medication taken should be advised to the WIB’s Secretary so that this may be checked out. In all circumstances, this information will be treated as CONFIDENTIAL between WIB and the player/Official. In certain circumstances a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) is required, and application must be made and accepted by a practicing doctor. 


By signing this Code of Conduct I agree to the following- 

a). Neither possess nor encourage the use of any illegal or prohibited drugs. 

b). Ensure WIB is notified of any doping related offences arising out of WIB’s activities. 

c). Make myself aware of the WADA regulations through the UK Sport Anti-Doping information 


            Any member of the Team on duty at an event who is found guilty of a doping offence (prior to or during any Event) will, after WIB’s procedures have been followed, be banned from future play at that event until a disciplinary hearing is held unless extenuating circumstances are accepted by WIB through process of Appeal. 


            The taking of illegal drugs will not be tolerated at any point in Indoor Bowling in Wales and any player found consuming illegal drugs or under the influence of illegal drugs shall be removed immediately from any WIB’s event, or events WIB are participating in. 






Social Media sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, You Tube, as well as Forums and Blogs are exciting avenues expressing creativity and sharing interests and knowledge. Participation in these online communications is therefore supported. However, there is a danger of online discussions and posting of online content causing distress to individuals or groups of members which could detract from the overall enjoyment of people involved in our sport. 


WIB’s social media policy is guided by the key principles of the WIB’s Code of Conduct which are: 


  • WIB wishes to operate in an environment where people show respect for others. 

  • Teamwork. 

  • Achievement 

  • Enjoyment. 


This Code applies to every player of WIB who acknowledges and agrees to comply with the Code, failure to do so may result in disciplinary action being taken against you. If any disciplinary action is taken, persons directly affected shall be given the opportunity to participate in those proceedings and the right to appeal any decision against them. 


WIB promotes responsible use of social media and requires its players, when posting about WIB and its members or about any of the Member Clubs of WIB or events run under the auspices of WIB, to observe the following guidelines for responsible social media use. 


1. WIB requires members to take responsibility for their own words and for the comments allowed on their sites or forums, WIB’s members will not post unacceptable content, and will delete comments that contain it. 


Unacceptable content is defined as anything included or linked to that which. 

a). is being used to abuse, harass, stalk or threaten others. 

b). is libellous, knowingly false, or misrepresents another person. 

c). infringes upon a copyright or trademark. 

d). violates an obligation or confidentiality. 

e). violates the privacy of others. 

2. WIB’s members should not post anything online that they would not say in person. 

3. WIB’s members connect privately before they respond publicly. When members encounter conflicts and misrepresentation in social networking sites, they make every effort to talk privately and directly to the person(s) involved – or find an intermediary who can do so – before publishing any posts or comments about the issue. 

4. WIB strongly discourages personal attacks. When someone is publishing comments that are offensive, members will tell them so. It is hoped that this will be done in a private manner as guided by principle 3. 

5. Anonymous comments are discouraged. All content posters should be required to supply a valid Email address before they can post. However, authorised posters may identify themselves with an alias, rather than a real name. 

6. WIB prefers members not to respond to nasty comments about them, their group, event or site. If posts veer into abuse or libel, WIB supports the use of disciplinary and grievance procedures to resolve issues. 

7. WIB encourages players on International duty to post responsibly and positively about their experiences. They should also adhere to direction from their respective Director of Bowls/Team Manager about acceptable times to post on social media.  WIB discourages the use of social media after the agreed curfew time. 


WIB encourages all members to “think before posting”. Members should recognise that even if posting to a private section of a social networking site comments can appear in public areas through a variety of means and can easily be found. Members should avoid posting something they will regret now or later.  





WIB fully accepts its legal and moral obligations to exercise its duty of care and to protect all children and vulnerable adults participating in its activities, and to safeguard their welfare. 


We are committed to do this by acknowledging that: 


  • The welfare of the child is paramount. 

  • Each child, irrespective of age, gender, religion, race or disability, has the right to protection from abuse. 

  • Each child deserves to be safe and to be treated with respect and dignity. 


We shall use our best endeavours to ensure that: 


  • All allegations of abuse are taken seriously. 

  • The response to them is swift and appropriate. 

  • The effectiveness of our policy is reviewed annually. 

  • A responsible person shall be appointed annually as Child Safeguarding & Vulnerable Adults Officer to whom members can address any concerns. 


This Association will help, encourage and support all Affiliated Clubs and Associations in the introduction and maintenance of their Child Safeguarding & Vulnerable Adults Statement. 


Information regarding WIBs Child Safeguarding & Vulnerable Adults Officer can be found on the website 


Every Club affiliated to WIB has been issued with a copy of the WIB’s Child Safeguarding & Vulnerable Adults Statement, this Policy should be available on the Club Notice Board or in the Club Office. If you have any queries or concerns related to child protection or vulnerable adults, please contact the above-mentioned Officer. 







To be considered for National Selection all players must make themselves available and, if selected by their Club, play in National Club Championship matches. Failure to play in a reasonable number of National Club Championship matches will preclude a player from selection. Exceptions may be made for Junior & Over 50s selection. 


To qualify for International Selection all players are required to make themselves available for all relevant development, squad games and practice sessions. Players not attending any of these without the agreement of the Director of Bowls/Team Manager will not be considered for International Selection. 


Players wishing to be excused from participation in any Development, Squad game or Practice session must submit their request to the Director of Bowls/Team Manager stating the reasons why they cannot attend. The Director of Bowls/Team Manager will consider the request and will inform the player of his/her decision. If the player does not receive a reply from the Director of Bowls/Team Manager, it can be deemed that the request has been rejected. 




All players invited to take part in an invitation competition/event to be played indoors on a flat green, outside the jurisdiction of WIB must obtain permission from WIB in advance of them agreeing to compete in any such event. 


Any player of a member Club failing to comply with this regulation will be required to attend the Executive Committee of WIB, where it will be established if there has been a breach of this regulation, then the player concerned may be suspended or otherwise dealt with. 


Players are reminded that all such events should be Licensed by either World Bowls Limited, The International Indoor Bowls Council, The British Isles Indoor Bowls Council, Welsh Indoor Bowls or any National Governing Body.  

Please Note: Playing in a non-Licensed Event may result in suspension from WIB. 










In addition to the Codes of Conducts, Players selected to represent WIB at any World or International event will be expected to comply with the following: 


  • Acceptance of the invitation to participate in any World or International event, including travel to and from the event, implies acceptance of the Codes of Conduct. 

  • All players will comply with the directives given by the Director of Bowls/Team Manager in relation to the following: 

  • Means of travel to and from an event. 

  • Arrival and departure times to and from the team hotel. 

  • Transport arrangements to and from hotel/stadium. 

  • Dress regulations on and off the green. 

  • Consumption of alcohol during an event. 

  • Any curfew that may be in place. 


The Director of Bowls/Team Manager will have sole responsibility for dealing with any player or players who breach the Codes of Conduct and shall take such action as he/she deems appropriate which may include being removed from the team with immediate effect and/or being asked to leave the team hotel. 

Additional action could also be considered by the WIB’s Executive Committee, in accordance with the WIBs Disciplinary Procedures, when all the facts are made known to the WIB’s Executive Committee or Sub-Committee appointed for that purpose. 


Any such action will be subject to appeal by the player and or players concerned. 




I will endeavour to abide by these Codes of Conduct and promote it to others. I understand that if I fail to follow the code, the Director of Bowls/Team Manager, WIB Executive Committee