Presidents Message

Presidential Message from the current President of Welsh Indoor Bowls

Welsh Indoor Bowls President - Mrs. Kathleen Blayney - Heatherton I.B.C.

It is with a feeling of immense pride that I have been appointed Welsh Indoor Bowls President for 2023/2024.


I would like to thank Barry Broad for his successful year of office as President, the first of the new unified body and I now have the privilege of becoming the first lady to hold this office.


I was the Welsh Ladies Indoor Bowling Association President seven years ago and not for one minute thought that this honour would also be bestowed upon me.


My thanks go to those who endorsed my nomination and I would particularly like to give my appreciation to our hardworking officers who I have had the pleasure of working with as the W.I.B. Treasurer and look forward to continuing our association, together with our delegates, team managers, selectors and players. I value their support, company and friendship.


I will endeavour to fulfil my duties as President to the best of my ability and to help promote our sport in Wales and further afield.


May I wish success to everyone who will be representing Wales and those members who are participating in various competitions.


My chosen charity will be The Greenacres Animal Resue Centre.


Mrs. Kathleen Blayney

WIB President