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Formed in 2011, Flintshire Indoor Bowling Club had its roots firmly based at Sealand Indoor Bowling Club from the 1980's until 2003 when the indoor bowling ceased to play. A number of initiatives by various groups of players had continually argued the case for the creation of a new indoor bowling facility. In 2007 a public meeting of interested bowlers was called at Northop Hall Cricket Club at the behest of County Councillor Mel Higham, himself a pro-active administrator within Crown Green Bowls and a supporter of bowls in general. The result of this meeting with representatives from Flintshire County Council in attendance was the formation of Flintshire Indoor Bowls Association, a fully constituted body who could meet formally with Flintshire County Council and pursue the objective of establishing an indoor bowling facility.

After 4 years of consultation with Flintshire County Council, an indoor bowling facility was included in the re-development plans for the Flint Pavilion Leisure Centre, later to be renamed The Jade Jones Pavilion. The bowls hall opened in July 2012.



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