Ladies Constitution

The constitution of Welsh Ladies Indoor Bowling Association

Last amended: 11th May 2019




(a) The Association shall be called "The Welsh Ladies Indoor Bowling Association".


(b) Registered address shall be that of the Secretary of the day.




(a) The objects of the Association shall be to foster, promote and regulate the game of Ladies Indoor Bowls in Wales, in every legitimate way, and the Association may adopt whatever measures it may deem expedient in furtherance of these objects; and all games of Standard Length Indoor Bowls played in Wales and involving affiliated clubs or members of the Association shall be played strictly under the auspices, licence, and only with the permission of, this Association.


(b) To arrange International contests in co-operation with kindred National Associations and to select the Welsh side for these contests. In the event of a National Bowls Stadium being built, this will become the permanent venue for all Home Internationals. Until such a time, all Home International events shall be played at available and suitable stadia. i.e. those complying with laid down International requirements.


(c) To hold National Championships (U/25 Singles, Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours, O/60 Mixed Pairs) and the Finals of these to be played on greens according to International Standard. Venues for these competitions plus the semi-finals and finals: to be decided at the beginning of each season. To hold Clubs `Competitions. Annual and other Championships in Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours.




(a) The Association shall be open to all bona fide Standard Length Amateur Clubs in Wales. Any club desirous of joining the Association is to make application in writing to the Hon. Secretary for this to be considered and approved by the Executive Committee before being submitted to the Annual General Meeting. Applications to be received: not less than one month before the date of the Annual General Meeting. A copy of their own Club`s Constitution and a list of names of Officers should accompany these. Only persons fully resident in the British Isles are eligible for membership.


(b) Affiliation Fees. Members must affiliate and only through one club. Any person holding office must affiliate through that club. The Annual Affiliation Fee per member and per club to be set at the Annual General Meeting. The Secretary of each club shall send to the Hon. Secretary a full list of club members. All appropriate fees, to be paid to the Hon. Treasurer, not later than the last day of October of that year or before the first rounds of the National Competitions.




(a) The affairs of the Association shall be managed by the Executive Committee, which shall be comprised of: President, Vice President, Hon. Secretary, Minute Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, National Competition Secretary, D.J. Co-ordinator and Immediate Past President, (who has no voting power) and four delegates from the membership. This Executive Committee shall be responsible for the day to day running of the Association in accordance with the Constitution and under the guidance and direction of the General Committee. It shall meet whenever deemed necessary. No member is to hold more than one office in each year. The Executive Committee shall be empowered to adjudicate upon any dispute referred to them. i.e. between or among affiliated clubs, or regarding members, or any rules, bye-laws, regulations or conditions or on any matter of policy or complaint which it shall hold to be within its jurisdiction. The subject of reference or an appeal must be stated in writing to the Hon. Secretary, within 7 days, who shall call an emergency meeting to deal with this matter.


(b) General Committee. Will consist: the Executive Committee and one representative from each club. Seven members of this Committee shall form a quorum. Officers of the Association together with representatives have one vote at all General Committee Meetings. Either the Executive Committee or the General Committee shall have the power to appoint Sub-Committees. The President to have the final casting vote: where necessary. Committee members must be registered members of the W.L.I.B.A. A roll call should be made at all Committee meeting and the voting power noted. A General Committee meeting to be convened whenever deemed necessary: Minimum of two General meetings must be held each year.


(c) Any two of the following shall sign the monies of the Association to be lodged in a Bank/or Building Society and all cheques drawn: - Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Secretary and National Competition Secretary. 2 33 The Executive Committee must obtain permission from the General Committee to spend any sum in excess of £400 on equipment.




The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than the last week in May each year. One calendar month`s notice shall be given and every registered club shall be entitled to send an approved number of representatives.

The Hon. Secretary shall convene an Extra Ordinary General Meeting at any time on receiving a requisition to that effect, signed by the Secretaries of not less than three clubs of the Association. Such a requisition to be in the hands of the Hon. Secretary:

Fourteen days before the date of the proposed Extra- Ordinary General Meeting.

Club Secretaries to be notified of such meetings: not less than seven days previously.

All Officers are to be elected at the Annual General Meeting, the Vice- President to be installed as the President for the following year. Secretary, Treasurer, Minute Secretary, National Competition Secretary may offer themselves for re-election.

Nominations for any office and propositions must be in the hands of the Hon. Secretary at least two months before the date of the Annual General Meeting and such names to be stated in the report convening the meeting. No person holding office in any other National Bowling Association shall be eligible for nomination. In the event of two or more nominations being made for any one office, the voting shall be by written ballot, but no election shall be valid unless decided by a majority of the votes of members present.

No person shall be allowed to be a selector for both the National Indoor and Outdoor Associations. There may not be more than one selector nominated from each club.

All Executive Officers are entitled to vote.

The officers shall be elected for one year only, their term of office to commence at the close of the Annual General Meeting at which they were declared elected and ending at the same time at the next Annual General Meeting.

If due to unforeseen circumstances any Officer is unable to fulfil her duties, the Executive Committee shall be empowered to appoint a replacement for the remainder of that year. The Executive Committee shall be empowered to co-opt any affiliated member to the Executive Committee, such person to have no voting power. The retiring President will be co-opted to continue as a member of the Executive Committee, with no voting power, for one year only.

The International Selection Committee shall comprise of THREE persons to be elected at the Annual General Meeting, for a period of 3 years, after which time can be re-elected.

Elected selectors should preferably have International experience.

No less than 2 selectors should attend a selection meeting.

Selectors are not eligible to put their names forward for International selection.

The President of the year to preside over all meetings of Selectors: The president will have casting vote, where necessary. Should a selector be unable to fulfil her duties, the nominee with the next number of votes at the Annual General Meeting to be invited to fill the vacancy for that year. If there is not a nominee in waiting the Executive Committee should be empowered to appoint a replacement.

Four Delegates to be elected as Executive Committee Members.

Only one delegate and selector can be nominated from any club.

Nominees will not be elected from the floor at the AGM.

Unless there are extenuating circumstances All Nominees must attend AGM.

Propositions which are accepted at AGM are introduced with immediate effect.




Players must be affiliated to the WLIBA and enter the minimum of 1 or more Welsh Competitions.

Players to be chosen for the first and second Senior International Trials: thereafter 26 players are chosen for Welsh International Squad.

Junior International Trials: Players to be chosen: thereafter 18 players are chosen for International Squad.

Junior Internationals: if U/25 before September 30th can play in same season.

Qualification for U/25 World Championships: Current U/25 Single`s winner//Current U/25 runner up. Followed by: U/25 losing semi finalist, if required.

Qualification for World Senior Championships: Current Single`s winner // Champion of Champions` winner, followed by National Singles` finalist then Champion of Champion`s finalist.

Team manager to accompany players attending World Bowls.




The Hon. Secretary shall keep a record of all the business transacted at General and Executive Meetings and the record of such business transacted at Executive Meetings shall be reported to the 3 Committee at their next meeting. She shall submit to the Annual General Meeting a report of the proceedings of the Association since the Previous Annual General Meeting and attend all meetings.




The Minute Secretary shall take and keep records of minutes at all WLIBA meetings.




The Hon. Treasurer, at each General Meeting, shall present an account of the year’s receipts and expenditure; duly audited by an independent qualified accountant Copies of the report and accounts shall be circulated to each affiliated club at the Annual General Meeting. Financial year will be closed on March 31st of each year.




Life members may be elected for services to the WLIBA. They shall be eligible to serve upon the Executive Committee and any Sub- Committee thereof. All nominations for Life Membership of the Association must be submitted to the Executive Committee who may recommend the nomination to the Annual General Meeting. Life Members have no voting power.







Alteration to, or addition to all or any of the foregoing rules shall be made only at the Annual General Meeting, and one months notice of the terms of such proposed alterations or additions must be given to the Hon. Secretary. Any such proposals are to be included in the notice of business and agenda sent to all affiliated clubs.




The Committee shall be empowered to adjudicate upon any disputes referred to it, if arising between or among affiliated clubs or any members thereof, as to the meaning or interpretation of the laws of the game, or any of the rules, bye-laws, regulation and conditions or any matter of practice, policy or complaint which it shall hold to be within its jurisdiction. The decision of the General Committee shall be final.




Until such time as a Women’s Indoor Bowling Board is formed all games are played under the laws of the International Bowling Board, which have been ratified by the B.I.W.I.B.C.




Resolution for the adoption of the Welsh Ladies Indoor Bowls Association hereby resolves that the anti-doping rules of the Welsh Ladies Indoor Bowls Association shall, as from the 22nd September 2010, stand as repealed and shall be replaced by the following rule:

“The anti-doping rules of the Welsh Ladies Indoor Bowls Association are the UK Anti-Doping Rules published by the UK Anti-Doping Agency(or its successor), as amended from time to time. Such rules shall take effect and be construed as rules of the Welsh Ladies Indoor Bowls Association.”




The Hon. Secretary, Team Manager and National Competition Secretary are responsible to the Welsh Ladies Indoor Bowling Association for this application.

Where instances of breaking of the Code are identified the player(s) concerned will appear before a disciplinary sub-committee and if necessary sanctions will be taken against them with immediate effect. Any appeal against a decision taken by the disciplinary committee shall be addressed in writing to the Hon. Secretary.



The WLIBA shall have the power to impose a curfew wherever it is deemed necessary and any Player/Officer violating such a curfew will be liable to disciplinary action.


Reporting for play:

All players must report 30 minutes before the official start time in trials / practice games.

Failure to do so will result in a reserve being appointed to play.

In all other events held under the WLIBA Competitions Rule 7 will apply.

Failure to abide by the rules of the Governing / Controlling Body in charge, i.e. (National, British Isles, World)

Any Player or Official who, by her standard of behaviour brings the game into disrepute renders herself liable to disciplinary action.

Dress code must be adhered, at all times.

Players are expected to be in top physical condition and to give of their best at all times.

Any specific instructions issued for a Match /Championship / International Series will be deemed to form part of this Code.


Absence from the green:

Rule 55 of the current Laws of the Game will be applied. Contravention of this Law will be referred to the Controlling Body.

It is the responsibility of all Players and Officials to read this Code of Conduct and ensure that they are fully conversant with its contents.