Mens Constitution

Constitution for the Welsh Indoor Bowling Association

1. Title

The Association shall be called the “Welsh Indoor Bowls Association” here in after referred to as the “Association”.


2. Objects

The objects of the Association shall be:


a) To promote, foster and safeguard the flat green game in Indoor Bowls for male players in Wales in every legitimate way.

b) To arrange International contests in co-operation with kindred National Associations and to select the Welsh Team for these contests.

c) To decide difficult questions of law and practice and acting as arbitrator in all differences referred to it between or among affiliated clubs, members here of and by organisers of open tournaments when called upon by affiliated clubs or members thereof.

d) To make, adopt, vary and publish rules, bye laws and conditions for the regulation of said game and to take such steps as shall be deemed advisable for enforcing such rules, bye laws and conditions.

e) To conduct and control all National Competitions and to license all open competitions conducted by member clubs.

f) To maintain liaison with all National Governing Bodies for bowls.

g) To maintain and foster membership of the Welsh Bowls Federation.


3. Membership

a) Membership shall be open to Clubs whose rules and constitution have been approved by the Association’s Management Committee, provided that such Clubs will play on flat greens as specified in sub-paragraph 3(g) of this section.

b) Application for affiliation shall be made to the Associations Honorary Secretary and shall be accompanied by details showing the proposed specifications of the green, the facilities available and a list of Office Bearers together with the names and addresses of the Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer. A copy of the Club Rules must also be submitted. Affiliation shall not be finalised until the new Club is complete and operational.

c) The Honorary Secretary of each Club shall forward to the Honorary Secretary of the Association particulars of his Club on the approved form to be received no later than 30th June in each year (this information being required for the Handbook and record purposes).

d) New Clubs wishing to participate in any National Club Competitions, Tournaments or Championships organised by the Association during the season commencing in October of any year, must make their intentions known not later than 31 October of the previous year.

e) New Clubs must have their applications completed and confirmed by the Associations Management Committee at least 8 weeks before the date of the Annual General Meeting which will be held during the last 10 days in May.

f) Only one club may be affiliated to the Association from any one Indoor Bowls Stadium or green 13

g) All affiliated clubs must have an indoor green with a playing surface of at least 33 metres in length and each rink a minimum of 4.2 metres in width with banks and ditches at each end. Only clubs with a minimum of 2 rinks, complying with the above specifications shall be considered for affiliation. NB. New clubs are recommended to lay down greens having a minimum of 4 rinks, each being a minimum length of 34.7 metres and the minimum width of 4.5metres with banks and ditches at each end. The ditch should be a minimum of 200mm and a maximum of 380mm wide and be a minimum of 50mm and a maximum of 200mm deep. The bank should extend a minimum of 225mm above the surface of the green.


4. Subscriptions

a) Each affiliated club shall be required to pay a Club Affiliation fee which shall be fixed at the Annual General Meeting, and shall be paid not later than 30th November in each year.

b) Each member of a Club shall pay one affiliation fee to the Association. In the case of players belonging to more than one club, they will be required to nominate the club through which they wish to affiliate for competition and representative purposes. Each affiliated club shall submit the names of all club male members together with the appropriate affiliation fees to the Hon. Secretary not later than 30th November in each year. Any member joining after the submission of the above list by the club should be registered with the Hon. Secretary, together with the appropriate affiliation fee, before playing in any WIBA League or Competition. Those names shall be held on a central register by the Hon. Secretary and only used for the purpose of the Association.

c) Clubs failing to pay fees as stated in paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section shall forfeit all the rights and privileges of membership until the whole of the arrears have been paid.

d) exceptional circumstance the management committee reserve the right to extend the payment period beyond the 30th november in any one year and or allow a club to forgo payment of affilliation fee’s for one year.


5. Honorary Members

The Management Committee may elect Honorary Members. They may be elected for such periods as the Committee may determine. They shall be entitled to all the privileges of full membership with the exception of the right to vote.


6. Life Members

Life Members, who shall not exceed nine in number shall be elected to the Management Committee for services to Indoor Bowls with voting rights and be eligible for any subcommittee thereof, if duly elected. All nominations for Life Membership of the Association must be submitted to the Management Committee which reserves the right to recommend the nomination to the Annual or Special General Meeting.


7. Administration.

a) The Officers of the Association shall be:-

1. Patron;

2. President;

3. Senior VicePresident;

4. Junior Vice-President;

5. Immediate Past President;

6. Honorary Secretary;

7. Honorary Assistant Secretary;

8. Honorary Treasurer;

9. Honorary Competition Secretary;

10. Honorary League Secretary,

11. Safeguarding Officer.


b) The affairs of the Association shall be conducted by a Management Committee consisting of the Officers, Life Members, and two representatives of each member club.

The Director of Bowls shall also attend without voting rights. The Management Committee shall meet at least four time a year. Provided that meetings have been convened no later than one month before Management Committee meeting, all minutes of sub-committees, reports by the Executive, including financial statements and papers relating to other major subjects for discussion, are to accompany all agenda for meetings of the Management Committee. Following upon the Annual General Meeting, the Management Committee shall appoint annually the following sub-committees:


1) Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee of the Association shall comprise the Officers of the Association and other members appointed by the Management Committee of such number as will exceed the number of Officers by one member. The appointed members shall so far as is practicable represent all areas of the Association with no more than one member per club. The Director of Bowls will attend the Executive meetings when required but shall have no voting powers. The Executive Committee shall meet as often as deemed necessary and is responsible on behalf of the Management Committee for conducting the ordinary business of the Association in line with the Management Committee’s policies and decisions taken from time to time by that committee. The President shall chair the meetings of the Executive and shall have one vote.


2) National Fixture Committee

This sub-committee will organise the programme for all national competitions club, team and individual and arrange the annual programme of Association fixtures. The subcommittee shall comprise of the President, Senior & Junior Vice-Presidents, Secretary and Competition Secretary, League Secretary plus one delegate per club. It will meet in November to compile an Association fixture list. It shall report to the Management Committee.


3) Tournament & Championship Committee

This sub-committee will organise all tournament and will meet with the Competition Secretary and League Secretary to organise National Championships. It will comprise of all the Officers and when appropriate, it will convene and include a host club member. It will report back to the Management Committee.


4) Development Committee

This sub-committee shall be responsible for developing and promoting the general interests of the Association and in particular shall administer funding made available for player development. The committee shall comprise the President, Senior & Junior VicePresidents, Secretary, Director of Bowls and four members elected by the Management Committee. This committee shall meet as and when required.


a) The President of the Association shall be Chairman of the Management Committee and shall have a casting or additional vote in the event of an equality of votes.

b) The Management Committee shall meet on at least four separate occasions each year. Twenty- five percent of the total number of Clubs in membership of the Association shall form a quorum, excluding the Clubs represented by the Officers of the Association. If a period of 30 minutes from the scheduled start time of the meeting has elapsed and the quorum has not been reached, the Officers and Delegates in attendance shall decide if the meeting shall proceed to deal with urgent matters only.

c) The Management Committee may appoint sub-committees for any special purpose and may delegate to them such powers as the Committee may think fit. The President shall act as Chairman of all such sub-committees and shall, subject to paragraphs 7(b)1 and 8(b) hereof, have an additional or casting vote in the event of an equality of votes.

d) The Management Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy that may occur during the year of office.

e) If a Committee member shall, without such good and sufficient reason as shall be solely determined by the Committee, absent himself from three consecutive Committee meetings, he shall cease to be a member of the Committee and his place shall, after one calendar months written notice given to him by the Honorary Secretary, be filled by the Committee.

f) The monies of the Association shall be lodged in a Bank approved by the Management Committee. Cheques drawn up to the value of £1000 need only be signed by one of the following, the Honorary Treasurer or one of two nominated signatories appointed by the Management Committee. All cheques drawn in excess of £1000 must be signed by any two of the following, the Honorary Treasurer and one of the two nominated signatories appointed by the Management Committee.


8. Director of Bowls

a) The Association shall appoint a Director of Bowls, the term of office shall be for 3 years, following which he shall be eligible for re-appointment at the discretion of the Management Committee. The Director of Bowls shall be directly responsible for the following:


i. To oversee the day to day Management, Development, Preparation and Selection of all sides and teams that represent Wales at all competitions.

ii. To develop a Performance Plan including proposed structures demonstrating lines of accountability along with internal support structures.

iii. To prioritise competition and training schedules for elite bowlers with details of their function and purpose in respect to World & British Isles Championships.

iv. To lead and achieve change for bowlers by enhancing relationships, engaging with stakeholders and mobilising Clubs and bowlers to achieve success at International and World level.

v. To manage all teams and players who qualify through National Competitions to represent Wales at the British Isles Championships.


b) The Captain of the Welsh Indoor Bowls Team shall be chosen by the Director of Bowls.

c) The Director of Bowls shall be solely responsible for the organisation of the side and for discipline of the side at all times.


9. Annual or Special General Meetings.

a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held during the last ten days of May in each year. The notice and agenda of the meeting shall be sent to each club at least 14 days before.

b) Each affiliated club shall be entitled to send delegates to the Annual General Meeting, the number of which shall be decided by the number of affiliated members registered and fully paid for by the 30th November of the previous year.


1-100 members = 1 delegate
101-200 members = 2 delegates
201-300 members = 3 delegates:
301-400 = 4 delegates etc. up to a maximum of 8 delegates.


c) New clubs, provided they have complied with paragraph 3(e) of the rules governing membership, shall be entitled to two delegates at the Annual General Meeting.

d) Members of affiliated clubs may attend the Annual General Meeting and take part in the business, except that they cannot move nor amend nor make a point of order, but only delegates, Officers of the Association and Management Committee members shall be allowed to vote and act.

e) Every item on the Agenda shall be submitted to the meeting for discussion and all votes for and against counted.

f) Among matters to be decided by the Annual General Meeting will be the awarding of honoraria and the Presidents allowance as recommended by the Management Committee.

g) All Notices of Motion for discussion at the Annual General Meeting are to be in the hands of the Honorary Secretary by April 1st.

h) All Officers are to be elected at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations for any of the offices must be received from the clubs and in the hands of the Hon. Secretary not less than 28 days before the date of the meeting and such names shall be stated in the Notice convening the meeting. In the case of two or more nominations being made for any of the offices, voting shall be by ballot and the candidate receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared elected.

i) The Officers shall be elected annually, and their term of office commencing at the close of the Annual General Meeting at which they are declared elected, but any or all of them will be eligible for re-election at the end of their term of office.

j) The representatives of the affiliated clubs to serve on the Management Committee shall be submitted to the Hon. Secretary not later than 14 days before the date of the Annual General Meeting at the close of which they shall take office.

k) A Special General Meeting shall be convened by the Hon. Secretary at any time on receiving a requisition to the effect signed by the Secretaries of a Club or Clubs representing at least 200 members, or at the request of the Management Committee. A Special General Meeting shall be convened by the Hon. Secretary within 6 weeks of receiving a written request, and clubs shall be given 4 weeks notice of this meeting.

l) The Notice calling the Special General Meeting shall specify the purpose for which the said meeting has been called and no ther business shall be transacted at that meeting.

m) Auditors. A professional Auditor shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.


10. Hon. Secretary/Hon. Treasurer

a) The Hon. Secretary shall keep records of all business transacted at General and other meetings, and shall submit to the Annual General Meeting a report of the proceedings since the previous Annual General Meeting.

b) The Hon. Treasurer shall render to the Annual General Meeting a precise account of the receipts and expenditure for the past year, audited and signed by the Hon. Auditor(s) elected at the Annual General Meeting.

c) The financial year will end on the 31st March and copies of the balance sheet to be rendered to the meeting, shall be sent to every affiliated club at least 14 days before the date of the Annual General Meeting.


11. Appeals

The Management Committee shall be empowered to adjudicate upon any disputes referred to it, if arising between or among affiliated clubs or members thereof, as to the meaning and interpretation of the laws of the game, or any of the rules, byelaws, regulations and conditions, or any matter of practice, policy or complaint which it shall hold to be within its jurisdiction, and the decision of the Committee shall be final.


12. Severance of Membership.

It shall be competent for the Management Committee after due investigation of the facts, and if need be, the examination of witnesses and relevant evidence, to suspend or determine the membership of any club or any member thereof.


13. Conditions of Play.

International Bowls Laws of the Sport for Indoor Bowls shall apply. Clubs may make modifications to these laws as may be necessary to meet special local conditions, provided that such modifications are reported to, and approved by the Management Committee, and are published for the information of the members and visiting players.


14. Standing Orders.

a) At the General Meetings and Committee Meetings, the Mover of a Motion, but not the mover of an Amendment, shall have the right to reply, immediately after which reply the question shall be put and a vote taken. No other person shall be allowed to speak more than once on the same motion unless permission to explain be given by the Chairman, or in exceptional circumstances by consent of three fourths of those voting.

b) The Mover of the Motion, when exercising his right to reply, shall not introduce new matters but confine his reply to questions raised in the discussion. The Seconder of the Motion or an Amendment may do so formerly and exercise his right to speak at a later period of the discussion. A direct negative to a Motion is not a legitimate Amendment. Amendments must be relevant to the Motion under discussion.

c) If an Amendment be negative, then another Amendment to the Motion under discussion may be moved, but only one Amendment shall be submitted to the Meeting at one time. No member shall be permitted to move more than one Amendment upon the same Motion. Any member who has not already spoken may move that the question now be put, and on being seconded by a like member, the Chairman must take a vote and if carried, the discussion ceases, and after the Mover of the Motion has replied the vote must be taken.

d) When a Motion has been submitted, “that the question be now put” and negated, it shall not be possible for the same person to again move a similar Motion on the same question, and no similar Motion on the same question shall be moved by any other person until a period of 10 minutes has elapsed from the former vote.

e) No Motion on any matters not arising out of a report of the Management Committee shall be considered at any General Meeting unless specified on the Agenda.

f) It is recommended that all Management Committee meetings end at 9.30pm.


15. Alterations of Conditions and Rules.

Alterations of, and additions to, any of the foregoing Constitution and Rules shall be made only at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting convened for the purpose and 4 weeks written notice(for a Special General Meeting) of the terms of such proposed alteration or addition, which shall also be stated in the Notice of Business for such Special General Meeting, shall be given to the Hon. Secretary. No such proposal for alteration of, or addition to the foregoing Constitution and Rules shall be deemed to have been passed unless at least two thirds of the votes are in favour.