2022-2023 Mens Knockout Cup

Preliminary Round(s)

Dress code - White trousers/shorts or club colours & club shirt.

KO Cup will be open draw from opening round and redrawn for each round. 


Players are responsible  for green fees of £4.00 per player in the Play-off, Round of 16, quarter final and Semi Final

W.I.B.C. Laws of the Sport of Bowls.

All bowls must carry an valid in date stamp (22 or later) 23 from 1st January 23

Home teams to appoint umpires for matches execpt for final.  


Round Dates 22-23

Play off - Must be played on own arrangement by 1st Dec. 

Round of 16 - On or Before 11th December 2022

Quarter Finals - On or before 21st January 2023 

Semi finals - On or before 26th March 2023

Final - Will be played on 8th April 2023 @ Merthyr Tydfil I.B.C 


All results must be received within 24 hours of conclusion of game to Ken or Ash.  


In the final the winner of the Newport v Cardiff game will be the home team on the Scoreboards.