Ladies Competition Rules

Competition Rules for WLIBA competitions

All games to be played according to WIBC Laws.

All tournaments to be played on long greens; such tournaments to be shared amongst all suitable long greens in Wales.



All bowls must be Bullet Stamped according to WIBC laws of the game and checked before each game by the Umpire of the day.




All players must be affiliated members of the WLIBA. In the event of dual membership every competitor is allowed to enter National Competitions only via the Club through which she is affiliated. Players who affiliate in October can play for that Club in both the Premier League and the DJ Trophy that season.


3. (a) The WLIBA will organise and administrate the following Competitions in accordance with section 2c of the Constitution.
Singles: 21 Shots or 2 Sets
Pairs: 21 Ends (4 Woods)
Triples: 18 Ends (3 woods)
Fours: 21 Ends



In the case of Pairs, Triples and Fours all games must be concluded within four hours: this time to include Trial Ends.


4 (a) Players playing in the first game constitute the Team
(b) The position of the players in the first game is not binding throughout the Competition.
(c) If a substitute is required it must be a player from the same Club, who is affiliated to the WLIBA and must not have played in previous rounds of that Competition
(d) The substitute can play in any position.
(e) Each team may use only one and the same person as their substitute
(f) The original player must return immediately she is available and the substitute must relinquish her position
(g) Should a substitute play in two rounds then she must remain throughout the Competition
(h) If a player has given a “walk-over”, that player is deemed to have played in that competition, and so cannot play as a substitute in any round of that Competition



If a player has entered the Singles Competition and then becomes unable to play in all rounds of that competition then she must withdraw from the Competition.


5. (a) All entries to be accompanied by the entrance fee if necessary. This fee is set by the Executive Committee annually. Entry fees will not be returned in the event of non-attendance



(b) Any player who fails to inform the Competition Secretary (who will then notify the Hon Secretary) 24 hours prior to the Competitions being played that she is unable to attend will be fined £4.00.
This fine to be collected by the Club Secretary: and forwarded to the Competition Secretary.

In addition the offending team must pay the green fees of their opponents.





All players must be present at the time stated for each Competition. Failure to appear within 15 minutes of the start time for the Competition will result in elimination from the Competition. All players in the case of Singles, and all Skips in other Competitions to report to the Officer in charge, upon arrival at the Bowls Stadium.


7. All players to be given a minimum of 15 minutes rest between games.

Any rest time allowed beyond the minimum to be at the discretion of the Officer in charge.




If a position is reached where it is impossible for the opposition to make up the deficit in shots, the Officer in charge has the authority to stop the game.




Dress in all preliminary rounds to be grey/black skirts or trousers/cropped trousers and white/club colours above the waist. In Semi-Finals and Finals the dress will be all white, with approved bowling shoes or sandals.




On completion of games, cards must be signed by both Skips or, in Singles, both players


11. Champion of Champions Tournament.

The Runner Up in Club’s singles may play, but only in extenuating circumstances.




Warning bell or buzzer to be sounded before start and 5 minutes before end of game


If a jack is hit off rink, to be placed on one of the two predefined spots on the rink which are level with the 2m “T” and half way between the centre of rink and the edge of the rink, before the next bowl is delivered or the end decided. If jack is hit off the right hand side of the rink it shall be repositioned on the right predefined spot, if left hand side of the rink it shall be repotted on the left hand side. When the predefined spot is occupied by a bowl, the jack shall be positioned at the nearest available position along the line between the predefined points and the centre line of the rink, but not touching obstructing bowl.