DJ Trophy

Rules for the DJ Trophy

(Rules amended May 2019)

1. There will be two sections called D and J. The winner of each section will play to determine the overall winner.
2. Each team to consist of two rinks and matches will be played on a home and away basis over a period of two years.  A draw will be made every two years to determine in which section teams play.  Clubs may enter more than one team, but players will only be able to play for one of those teams. It is not necessary to send names to the DJ Co-ordinator.  Registration fee for each team is £20 which must be sent to the Hon Treasurer by 5 October.
3. A player can only play for the DJ team from the club to which she is affiliated.
4. Home team will be responsible for arranging games with the other clubs in their section and these dates must be notified to the league co-ordinator before the start of the season. If, exceptionally, it is necessary to make any changes to these dates (this does not include inability to field a team) the League Co-ordinator should be notified of the new date. Failure to reach an agreed new date will result in the points being shared.
5. Team captain to collect all the green fees for her team and pay them directly to the host club. A team which fails to fulfil a fixture will still be responsible for paying green fees to the host club.
6. Games to be played over 21 ends or 4 hours, whichever is sooner – this time to include trial ends.
7. Scoring – total of 8 points
2 points for a winning rink, 1 point each for a draw
4 points for overall win or 2 points for each team if the match is drawn
If two teams are equal on points at the end of the season shot difference will determine the winner; if this is equal then ends won will decide the outcome.
If a team defaults on a fixture all 8 points will be awarded to the opposition plus 10 shots and 10 shots will be deducted from the defaulng team
8. If a team is unable to field a full team it is permissible for a triple/triples to play with a deduction of 25% of the score for each triple
9. 15 minutes will be allowed for late arrival.
10. Team captain to collect and check score cards ensuring they are signed and both captains are responsible for notifying the result to the League Co-ordinator, either by e-mail or telephone (pictures of cards from mobile phones are acceptable). Scorecards to be retained by clubs until the end of the season.
11. League tables will be sent to clubs regularly throughout the season.
12. Dress for all games up to the final is grey skirts, cropped or tailored trousers with white or club tops and approved bowling shoes. For the final dress is white skirts or tailored trousers with white or club tops and approved bowling shoes
13. When a game has to be stopped because of extenuating circumstances, the game will resume with the scores at the time of the stoppage. Date and venue to be arranged in accordance with rules
14. Other than as stated above, National rules apply. Any disputes must be referred to the National Secretary (and confirmed in writing) for discussion by the Executive Committee