DJ Trophy

Rules for the DJ Trophy

1. There will be one section and each team will play every other team once. When all games are finished the team at the top of the league will win the DJ trophy.


2. Once you have arranged your fixtures please send them to me so that the DJ Table can be updated on the website.


3. Teams to consist of two rinks. Where clubs have two teams players can only play for one team. If it is necessary to field a triple instead of a rink, this will be in accordance with the laws of the game and there will be a 25% reduction to the triple score.


4. Dress code is grey/black/club coloured bottoms with white or club tops


5. Green fees are £5.00 per person, to be paid to the host club. Any team defaulting must pay the green fees to the home club


6. Games are 21 ends or 4 hours whichever is sooner. 15 minutes will be allowed for late arrival.


7. There will be no dead ends. If the jack goes dead it will be placed on either of the spots to the side of the 2m T, depending on which side it left the rink.

At the end of the game both skips must check and sign the scorecards, which should then be given to the appropriate captains. Please retain the scorecards until the end of the season.


8 points are available for each game, as follows:

2 points for a winning rink, 1 point each for a draw

4 points for overall win or 2 points each if the match is drawn


8. To prevent errors I would ask both clubs to send in the result of the game. My preference would be to receive pictures of the signed scorecards, but if this is not possible the result sheet should be filled in and emailed to me. If you cannot do either of these please email/text/ring me with the result. Results should be sent at the earliest opportunity (preferably within 48 hours) so that I can update the tables on the website.


9. All games must be played on the dates arranged unless there are extenuating circumstances (this does not include the inability to field a team). If there are extenuating circumstances and a date is changed please inform me as the team managers and selectors have been given the dates of games so that they can attend if they wish.


10. Any disputes or problems should be referred to me, and I can be contacted as follows:


Telephone: 029 20213196

Mobile: 07866039397