2020 2021 WIBA Officers

WIBA Officers

President - Mike Flanagan - Severn Valley IBC

S.V. President - Ken Henderson - Islwyn IBC

J.V. President - Barrie Broad - Merthyr Tydfiul IBC

I.P. Presdient - Mike Doody - Newport IBC

Secretary - John Phillips - Swansea IBC

Treasurer - David Phillips - Swansea IBC

Assistant Secretary - Ashley Reese - Heatherton IBC

Tournament Secretary - Nigel Williams - Swansea IBC

League Secretary - Neil Jones - Swansea IBC

Safeguarding Officer - Peter Brill - Merthyr Tydfil IBC


Executive Committee Members

WIBA Officers plus Brian Davies, Robert Williams, Patrick Hussey, Ken Burton, Peter Ralph, Stephen Rees, Colin Griffiths, Colin Jones, Peter Groom, Billy Hull and Jack Hunt.


International Development Committee.

President, S.V. President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary plus Peter Brill, Mike Doody and the Director of Bowls when appointed.


Finance Committee.

President, Secretary, Treasurer plus Patrick Hussey, Ken Burton and Peter Groom, this committee meets on an ad hock basis.


WIBA Delegates

BIIBC. Nigel Williams.

IIBC. Mike Flanagan.

WBA. Ashley Rees.

WBUA. Ken Burton.

WBCA. To be confirmed.


2020 2021  WIBA Officers