Equality Policy

Equality Policy of Welsh Indoor Bowls


  1. Introduction 

WIB is fully committed to the concept of equality and takes every step, where necessary, to implement positive policies to achieve this end. 


WIB is fully committed to the principles of equality of opportunity and the responsibility for ensuring that no post, applicant, volunteer, young person, competitor or official receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of age, gender, disability, ethnicity, race, pregnancy, maternity, marriage or civil partnership, nationality, religious belief, political persuasion, social background or sexual orientation and gender reassignment. 


It is stressed that, whilst the primary responsibility for providing equality lies with WIB, each individual representative has responsibilities to refrain from unlawful actions and to assist in preventing discrimination of any kind and in promoting equality. 


  1. The Policy 

WIB will afford all current and potential representatives equality for recruitment and training and equal terms and conditions at all levels of the organisation, regardless of gender, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief. 


WIB is totally committed to a programme of action to make this policy fully effective and keep all criteria and procedures under constant review to ensure that their objectives are realised. To ensure that no discrimination is taking place unnoticed and uncorrected, all practises and procedures are monitored and, where necessary, revised. 


  1. Implementation 

General responsibility for compliance with development and monitoring of the Equality Policy lies with the Officers and Executive Committee of WIB. 


The adoption of the Equality Policy contributes towards the development of sound and responsible personnel policies, besides making better use of the talents and resources of WIB’s Officers and Members. 


WIB’s implementation of this policy statement is covered by the following areas: 

Induction for all newly appointed or elected officers. 

Training is underpinned by Equality. 

Positive Action, work at changing attitudes 

Language use must not be sexist, racist, etc. 

System monitoring 


  1. Monitoring and Evaluation 

This Policy will remain in place until it is amended, replaced or withdrawn and a review will take place as and when required, but not less than every three years. 


The Equality Action Plan created to ensure the objectives of this policy are delivered will be reviewed by the Secretary. Progress relating to the Policy will be recorded annually and a full report will be presented to the Annual General Meeting to debate progress and review the policy status. 


Once approved by WIB a report will be published internally. 


  1. Complaints Procedure 

To safeguard individuals’ rights under the Equality Policy, any Stakeholder who believes they have suffered inequitable treatment within the scope of the Equality Policy may raise the matter through the appropriate procedure, by writing to the Secretary or, if the complaint relates to the Secretary, to the President. If this is a complaint regarding this Policy or another Policy of WIB, the complainant shall be directed to the Management Committee unless otherwise prescribed in the Policy. 


Appropriate action must be taken against any WIB’s Stakeholder who is found to have violated this Equality Policy.