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2018 Team Championship Winners - Coed Duon

2019-2020 Team Championship



Sun 29th Sept Blaenau Gwent v Radnor

Coed Duan v No Game

Sun 13th Oct Radnor v No Game

Newport v Coed Duan

Blaenau Gwent v Duffryn

Sun 20th Oct Radnor v Duffryn

Coed Duan v Blaenau Gwent

No Game v Newport

Sun 3rd Nov Radnor v Newport

Blaenau Gwent v No Game

Duffryn v Coed Duan

Sun 1st Dec Coed Duan v Radnor

No Game v Duffryn

Newport v Blaenau Gwent
Sun 8th Dec Radnor v Coed Duan

Duffryn v Newport

Sun 22nd Dec
Duffryn v No Game

Blaenau Gwent v Newport

Sun 12th Jan Newport v Radnor

No Game v Blaenau Gwent

Coed Duan v Duffryn

Sun 8th Mar Duffryn v Radnor

Blaenau Gwent v Coed Duan

Newport v No Game

Sun 15th Mar No Game v Radnor

Coed Duan v Newport

Duffryn v Blaenau Gwent

Sun 29th Mar Radnor v Blaenau Gwent

Newport v Duffryn

No Game v Coed Duan

Team Championship Fixtures for 2019-20. Fixtures to be completed on 29th March 2020